Mark Gregston is the founder of Heartlight Ministries, a residential program for troubled teens, and has been working with teens and families for nearly 40 years. House of Hope Rhode Island uses Mark Gregston’s “Parenting Today’s Teens” DVD-based course to teach parents and youth workers about the complexities of parenting this generation of teenagers.

In the 2-part video series below, watch Moira Brown’s interview with Mark Gregston about facing the enormous challenges of raising a teenager in today’s culture.

An Interview with Mark Gregston on “Parenting Today’s Teens” — Part 1 of 2

An Interview with Mark Gregston on “Parenting Today’s Teens” — Part 2 of 2

Tell us: What do you believe are some of the greatest challenges to raising teenagers today?

The non-profit ministry of House of Hope RI receives no government funding, relying on faith, prayer, and the generosity of our donors. Thank-you for supporting this life-changing ministry to teens and families!


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