Parenting Today’s Teens Seminar by Mark Gregston


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Mark Gregston parenting classes

Are you raising a teen between the ages of 11 and 18, or looking forward to those years? Do you work with teens — or want to?

This 9-week series of classes and workshops is created just for you!

Mark Gregston, counselor and founder of Heartlight Ministries, created this DVD- and workbook-based seminar for parents to provide proven strategies for creating and maintaining an open, loving, and honest relationship with your teenager — no matter how far into the teen years he or she is.

Watch this video testimonial from Rick Provost, a Dad who took part in our last Parenting Today’s Teens workshop:

Our last session of “Dealing with Today’s Teens” classes began on January 28th, 2014, and was held on Tuesday evenings for 9 weeks. Classes ran from 7:00-8:30 pm and at West Bay Christian Academy, 475 School Street in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

The registration cost was $30.00, which included the workbook for the class. (Note: Both parents can attend for $30 and share the workbook.)

Sessions include:

Lesson 1 – Understanding Your Teen’s Needs

  • Creating an Arena for Healthy Relationships That Meets Their Longing for Security
  • They’re Entitled and Overindulged on Many Levels
  • They’re Less Mature than Past Generations
  • Really, They Want It All
  • When Parenting Moves to Peerenting
  • They Long for Significance and Security
  • Creating an Arena for Healthy Relationships
  • Committing to Not Disengage

Lesson 2 – Understanding Your Parenting Role

  • Understanding Your Role in Parenting Your Teen
  • Understanding Their Changing Perceptions
  • My Child’s Relational Style
  • Embracing Your Teen
  • Offering Rest for Their Soul
  • Being Who God Has Called You To Be

Lesson 3 – Understanding Your Teen’s Behavior

  • Why Do Teens Do What they do?
  • Their Behavior is Goal Oriented
  • Your Child’s Needs
  • Determining Factors in your Child’s Understanding of Needs
  • Establishing Boundaries

Lesson 4 – Understanding Your Relationship

  • When A Child’s Behavior Doesn’t Determine Their Behavior
  • Does Bad Behavior Necessarily Equal a Bad Kid?
  • When Value Isn’t Determined by Behavior
  • Loving Your Child Unconditionally
  • When a Child Fails
  • Providing a Way of Restoration
  • When Expectations Become the Standard and Alienate the Child

Lesson 5 – Understanding the Purpose of Pain

  • How Pain Leads us to God’s Blessing
  • Pain Causes us to Examine Our Circumstances
  • Pain Appears at Predictable Moments
  • Ways to Avoid Pain
  • The Godly Results of Facing Pain
  • When Protecting Becomes Enabling

Lesson 6 – Developing Boundaries For Your Teen

  • Setting Parameters that Guide and Direct A Child
  • Boundaries Define Us
  • Boundaries Help us Set Our Priorities
  • Directing Our Child’s Path

Lesson 7 – Understanding the Roots of Discipline

  • Putting Rules and Consequences Into Effect
  • Establishing Policies and Procedures Where There Were None
  • Determining Your Beliefs
  • Communicating the Rules
  • Agreeing on the Consequences
  • Examples

Lesson 8– Issues of Control

  • Helping a Child Make Decisions and Choices
  • Who Is in Control?
  • The Motivation for Control
  • Under And Over Control
  • Handing Over Control
  • Lack of Limits and Wrong Decisions

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