House of Hope Rhode Island’s ministry to teens in crisis and their families is based on the successful model practiced by all affiliates of National House of Hope, based in Orlando, Florida. All affiliates receive extensive training at annual conferences held in Orlando, and are provided spiritual and other support throughout the life of their ministries. Below is the Philosophy of Ministry of House of Hope RI.

For more information, including links to the websites of other House of Hope affiliates, see “About House of Hope Affiliates.” Please address any additional questions using any of the means of correspondence found on our “Contact Us!” page.

House of Hope RI’s Philosophy of Ministry


Social agencies and institutions try to help teenagers, but young people continue to desperately yearn for love and a sense of being wanted. Institutions don’t tuck teenagers in at night, but House of Hope does. There is no lasting help or hope without the power of Jesus Christ. House of Hope counts it a privilege to love, serve, and help hurting teens and their families, through the love of Jesus Christ by building hope and changing lives.


Troubled teens are usually unable to respond properly to authority and cannot relate constructively to parents or peers. To deal with these problems, House of Hope of Rhode Island provides a loving stable environment where residents learn to accept responsibility, respect and submit to authority, and relate effectively to both peers and adults. This is accomplished through intensive individual Christ-centered counseling designed to bring healing to individuals and restore families.


House of Hope RI used the Accelerated Christian Education program. This program enables residents to fill in educational gaps resulting from poor school attendance and lack of motivation. Our school, “Hope Academy,” offers a high school diploma, transferable credits, and even junior college level courses. Upon arrival, each resident will be diagnostically tested to determine an appropriate placement level. An individualized education plan will be implemented to allow each student to progress at his or her own speed.


House of Hope of Rhode Island residents participate in healthy competition, working out frustration and stress. The physical education program includes basketball, aerobics, soccer, and many other sports.


The non-profit ministry of House of Hope RI receives no government funding, relying on faith, prayer, and the generosity of our donors. Thank-you for supporting this life-changing ministry to teens and families!


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