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Answering the Call to Reach This Generation

House of Hope Rhode Island, an affiliate of National House of Hope in Orlando, Florida, is set to be the first Christ-centered home in New England for healing troubled teens and reconciling them with their families. For several years, House of Hope Rhode Island has heard and responded to the cries for help from Rhode Island’s lost and hurting teens and their parents. These are families who have run out of options for their sons and daughters after trying the world’s “solutions,” methods which have failed our teens over and over again.


Why do those “solutions” often fail? Because they don’t — or can’t — acknowledge and confront the spiritual emptiness behind the pain and anger expressed by a troubled teen. Until this spiritual void is filled with a teen’s knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of God’s love and forgiveness, there can be no radical and lasting transformation. Instead, he or she will continue to seek worldly answers and travel down roads that lead to dead-ends, more pain, and even destruction or death.


In 2012, House of Hope RI began addressing the deepest needs of this generation by offering life-changing parenting classes and seminars, group and individual counseling for teens and their families, and lay counseling courses and certification for youth ministers and others who work closely with this generation.

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A Home Filled with What They’re Missing

House of Hope Rhode Island is taking our mission to the next phase, with the first home and campus in Rhode Island offering around-the-clock support, education, and Christian counseling in a loving home environment. Operating on the same model as National House of Hope — with whom we’re affiliated — we envision a powerful, spiritually transforming ministry that will foster lasting change in teens and reconciliation with their families.


For the teens and families served by House of Hope Rhode Island, we can put an end to the endlessly revolving doors of hospitals, secular treatment centers, and the juvenile criminal justice system. 


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Watch the video below to hear powerful testimonies from teens and parents served by House of Hope and their affiliates, and see why we believe God has called us to raise up a House of Hope here in Rhode Island:

Testimonies from House of Hope at Hampton Roads



The Rescue Mission: How You Can Help

First, we need your prayers for this ministry, and for our board members.


Second, many have been working hard and giving generously of their time and talents to raise the funds needed to open House of Hope RI’s Christian boarding school and counseling center for troubled and hurting teens here in Rhode Island. Your tax-deductible donations will go directly to purchase a home and fund the operational expenses, curricula, scholarships, and furnishings, as well as provide stipends and salaries for Christian teachers, counselors, and house parents.


Third, we need you to spread the word about House of Hope Rhode Island to your churches and youth ministries, and on your social media profiles. We are always seeking new opportunities to speak to churches about the ministry of House of Hope Rhode Island. Perhaps your church would provide monthly support or a one-time donation, or even plan and host a fundraiser.


For many other ways you can help the ministry of House of Hope RI, please see “How You Can Partner With House of Hope Rhode Island”.


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Want to learn more about House of Hope Rhode Island, how we started, and where we’re going? See “The Birth of House of Hope RI.”  Please share this fundraising page with your friends and family, and partner with us today to bring lasting hope and changed lives for those who come to House of Hope Rhode Island!


*Thank-you to video producer Ben Gammell for donating his time and talents to produce the video featuring HoHRI co-founder and president Jane Stach.

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