Fully Furnished Handcrafted Dollhouse
Minimum Bid: $500.00

front of dollhouse

We are offering this two story dollhouse with attic, side wings and front porch in perfect condition. It is of solid wood construction made personally by hand with beautiful roof shingles, siding and electrical wiring.

It comes complete with furniture for the era of the house with many sentimental pieces of exceptional value, such as the $50 trunk that has handmade miniature dollies inside.

On the first floor in the main house is the living room with a couch, matching chair, glider chair, oriental rug, and table. In the dining room is a $75 chandelier, hutch with coffee cups, silverware, meat grinder, and boxes of food, and claw foot dining table with four chairs and round rug. The kitchen has a porcelain sink, wooden ice box and old fashioned ringer washing machine (valued at $50) along with an old fashioned iron-type cooking wood stove. The sun room has a pot belly stove and rocking chair.

sitting room dollhouse

On the second floor is a bathroom with a porcelain tub, sink, and toilet. There are two bedrooms – one with white iron wicker dressing table, bureau, and bed; the other with wooden bed, bureau and bookcase. The nursery has an iron wicker crib, doll carriage, and rocking chair.

The third floor is unfinished as an attic but can be completed with additional living areas.

back of dollhouse

The house comes with anatomically correct babies. Also included is a large furniture kit with many materials to finish the dollhouse, including wallpaper, carpeting and molding – an excellent project for you and your daughter.

The owner, who had a daughter with a $100.00 a day heroin addiction, is wishing to auction this handmade lovely home so that the proceeds will benefit House of Hope Rhode Island. She is praying that the funds raised will be a great help towards building a home for hurting teens on the property recently donated to House of Hope Rhode Island.

Furnished Dollhouse

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