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Sleepy Teen

10 Ways to Help Your Growing Teen Get Enough Sleep

by Elizabeth Felipe “If we can only understand what’s going on with sleep in these sixth-, seventh- and eighth graders, we can intervene to change their sleep behavior before it gets out of hand.” Psychologist Amy R. Wolfson, Ph.D., College of the Holy Cross   According to the Mayo Clinic, teens require at least nine hours of sleep each night …

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Grades And Sleep

What to Expect If Your Teen Isn’t Getting 9 Hours of Sleep a Night

Did you know teens need between 9 and 9.5 hours of sleep a night? What happens to teens who DON’T get enough sleep? The negative effects of sleep deprivation are absolutely undeniable. Take a look at the following: Are My Teen’s Problems Caused by a Lack of Sleep? 1) There’s a direct association between the amount of sleep your teen …

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